who cares? as long as I get my massage... | Eduardo Briceño

who cares? as long as I get my massage…

I just got a call from the massage place that Allison left to this evening to get a massage.  I picked up the phone since I knew she was going there.

It was Allison calling.  She asked me to look for her purse because she didn’t have it.  It was nowhere to be found.  Then she asked me to look outside the house, on the way to where she parks her car, because she was out of other ideas.  It turns out that her purse was on the street, right where she parks her car.  (she probably put it on the car and took off)…  I guess that’s also why she called from the massage place’s phone – her cell phone was probably in the purse too… luckily the massage place has her credit card on file, so I’m sure she’s getting a very nice massage right at this second, knowing that her purse is now back safely in a place other than the middle of the street.

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