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Ransacking my own grocery cart

Today I ransacked my own grocery cart, mid-shopping. I was on the phone with Allison, talking about what to buy, when I realized I no longer had my phone (what remained was only the bluetooth headset I was using). I took everything out of my grocery cart looking for the …

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Cathedral souvenir

We left St. Canice’s Cathedral and were a third of a mile into our leisurely walk toward Kilkenny Castle when we stopped to eat and I realized I had walked out of the cathedral with their laminated visitor’s guide… I put on my high gear to walk back to the …

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Paused video

After my weekly bootcamp workout, I stopped at home to eat a little protein before running some errands. I ate in the kitchen, quickly, while watching some videos on my phone.  I finished eating, got in the car, exited the garage, closed the garage door, and then realized that my …

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Sandals or unpack?

I was getting ready to leave my hotel room in Chicago for the airport when I went to put my shoes on, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I realized I had packed them at the bottom of my suitcase.  So I had to make a decision between unpacking …

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She’ll call me when done

Since there was no parking around, I dropped off Allison at Lelenitas in San Francisco to pick up a Tres Leches dessert that we’d bring to Christmas eve dinner with Temis and Carolina.  Then I drove around the corner and found a place to park to wait for Allison.  I …

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