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Hiking on ice

Today we went for a beautiful hike in Santa Fe. Loved it. But there was snow and ice in places.  In one of those spots, Allison, who was walking ahead of me, warned me that it was slippery and to be careful.  So I attended carefully to the ground, then …

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Random abstract

Allison and a colleague were surprised to find out that their research article was published online with the abstract to a different article. Hopefully there’s still time to fix it in the physical journal.

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The energy to look for keys

Allison went into my office saying: “Can I borrow your keys to my car?  I can’t find my keys and I don’t have energy to look for them.” Ironically, she was on her way to the gym. So she left with my keys.  Later I saw them by the front …

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Renaissance hatch

Today at Renaissance Faire San Jose, we sat down on the grass to eat lunch.  When we finished and stood up we realized that Allison had been sitting on a banana peel.  It didn’t hatch.

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Goodnight headache

Allison has a headache so she decided to take an Advil. But after she took the pill, she realized it wasn’t an Advil, but an Advil PM.  It’s 5:30pm.  She’ll be going to bed early tonight.

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Talking a lot

“You’re talking a lot.“, said my wife, as I tried to make conversation in the car. Back to silence.  Stereo on.  That song for the millionth time.

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Mother & daughter spice up travel

Yesterday, while passing through security at JFK airport to fly to Denver for Lauren’s bridal shower, Fran realized that her license expires 6/17.  Her flight back is on 6/18.  So she may get stranded in Denver (more time to plan the wedding onsite!) Here’s the text Allison, her sister, and …

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I’ve tried everything

“Can you please come help me?  I’ve tried everything to set up my fitbit and I’m out of ideas”, said the wife. I walk over and see the screen she’s looking at, which has the instructions.  The top of the page says: “Get the Fitbit App to Set Up Your …

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Effective headphones

I was working at my office when I heard my wife laughing at her office down the hall.  She told me she had just realized she had been listening to some audio files for her research for about 30 minutes with her headphones on.  She had taken care to use …

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