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Ooops, I’ll be right back

When keynote to over 200 people yesterday, I told them we would do an activity that involved my reading a passage to them.  I gave them instructions on what to do, and when I looked for the passage, I didn’t have it on me.  There they were waiting for me …

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Mother & daughter spice up travel

Yesterday, while passing through security at JFK airport to fly to Denver for Lauren’s bridal shower, Fran realized that her license expires 6/17.  Her flight back is on 6/18.  So she may get stranded in Denver (more time to plan the wedding onsite!) Here’s the text Allison, her sister, and …

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NYC, no pants

A friend traveled from her home in California to New York City for three conferences to realize she had not packed any pants.  The conferences included the United Nations General Assembly and the the Clinton Global Initiative, where she was speaking. “Just arrived in NYC for UNGA, CGI, and Social …

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Which Christmas did you mean?

Three years ago, while my family was visiting us in Texas, my dad bought my sister a Christmas gift: a book.  He gave it to my mom to hide it until Christmas When they got back to Caracas, my mom hid it.  But she hid it so well that she …

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Knee distractions

Walking out of my knee doctor’s building, the receptionist asked me: “didn’t you have a backpack?” I had left it back in the consultation room.  (I was going to miss it when I couldn’t find my laptop back at the office 20 minutes away).

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The pilot will be right back

Imagine you’re in an airplane, mid-flight, when the pilot comes out of the cockpit to go to the bathroom.  The cockpit is left alone.  You’re a little wary, attentive to what will happen next. Thankfully the pilot comes out of the bathroom.  But when he tries to open the cockpit …

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Immigration free-for-all

We arrived at the Dominican Republic, went through immigration, then customs, and met our driver right outside the airport.  He said it was a good time to go to the bathroom as we had an hour drive ahead of us.  I went to the bathroom and when I came out, …

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Roller bag disapparate

My habit in airports is that whenever I get up to move from one place to another, I count the things I have with me, to make sure I have everything I’m supposed to have. I’m usually good about it, but today I was not, and all of a sudden …

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