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Ransacking my own grocery cart

Today I ransacked my own grocery cart, mid-shopping. I was on the phone with Allison, talking about what to buy, when I realized I no longer had my phone (what remained was only the bluetooth headset I was using). I took everything out of my grocery cart looking for the …

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So fast so slow

In trying to go too fast, I ended up spending time cleaning… (an act I’ve starred in before) Of course, I did this right after the floors had been vacuumed. On the bright side, I had just finished the granola that was inside the glass jar.

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Granola Fail

 My goal was for the granola to go ???????? yogurt, not all over the counter. ???? I failed, but as usual, my failure led to an unexpected benefit. ???? I got the idea to weigh what remained of my homemade granola so that I could better ration it for the …

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It’s warm in here

We’re in a heat wave. Yesterday was 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very hot for where we live. My office is the hottest room in our house because it faces the morning sun and because I have the most electronic equipment running. We don’t like to run the air conditioning, …

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Hiking on ice

Today we went for a beautiful hike in Santa Fe. Loved it. But there was snow and ice in places.  In one of those spots, Allison, who was walking ahead of me, warned me that it was slippery and to be careful.  So I attended carefully to the ground, then …

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Right side up

When Allison went to feed the dog, she dropped his food bowl. Unfortunately, it landed right side up, making the picture only moderately interesting, especially since it doesn’t show the chicken broth all over the floor.  

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