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It’s warm in here

We’re in a heat wave. Yesterday was 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very hot for where we live. My office is the hottest room in our house because it faces the morning sun and because I have the most electronic equipment running. We don’t like to run the air conditioning, …

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Inside out and backwards

From Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement address, May 25 2017: “What about your first lecture at Harvard? Mine was Computer Science 121 with the incredible Harry Lewis. I was late so I threw on a t-shirt and didn’t realize until afterwards it was inside out and backwards with my tag sticking …

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Lamp replacement

Our home came with two new lamps, stored in the laundry room, just like the one that was installed in my office ceiling. This lamp is not found anywhere else in the house, so I assumed that when the light bulbs go out, one has to replace the whole lamp …

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Locked in the bathroom

“I locked myself in the bathroom!”, said the wife.  “I was pushing and pulling and pushing and pulling and couldn’t get out.  It went on for a while.” Later on the evening I went to the bathroom and this is what the bathroom door looked like from the inside:

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The Ballad of Billy The Kid

The Ballad of Billy The Kid, by Billy Joel, is playing. Wife: Did you know this song is about Billy The Kid? Me: I didn’t know that. Wife: Yes!  He was from Long Island! Me: Really?  I had no idea! Wife: Yes!  That’s why we love him so much! Me: …

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Kitchen discovery

The wife is cooking. Then the smoke alarms go off. Wife opens up all doors and windows. Smoke alarm keeps going and going. And going. Wife: “Usually these smoke alarms turn off quicker.  They’ve been going a long time now.” Smoke alarm keeps going and going. We worry about the …

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That’s my suitcase!

As I walked toward the front of the airplane to deplane, I noticed the flight attendant was standing at the end of the corridor, holding my sports coat.  But she was also oddly looking down toward the woman who was walking up the aisle right in front of me.  I …

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