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Mother & daughter spice up travel

Yesterday, while passing through security at JFK airport to fly to Denver for Lauren’s bridal shower, Fran realized that her license expires 6/17.  Her flight back is on 6/18.  So she may get stranded in Denver (more time to plan the wedding onsite!) Here’s the text Allison, her sister, and …

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He belongs

And there I was, up in the stands, watching the U2 concert from the distance, while my future brother-in-law was down in the pit, 10 feet from Bono.  I was rooting for him to have a great time, which he did.  Little did I know that that night I’d also …

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NYC, no pants

A friend traveled from her home in California to New York City for three conferences to realize she had not packed any pants.  The conferences included the United Nations General Assembly and the the Clinton Global Initiative, where she was speaking. “Just arrived in NYC for UNGA, CGI, and Social …

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Cool kid in the neighborhood

Facebook post from my friend Manny:  “Started distance trails today after steady base building for two months, y estrenando nueva camiseta de La U!!! Was totally feeling like the cool kid in the neighborhood until I noticed I did my run with the store stickers still on the shirt.”  

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The cheese stick move

Post from my friend Denise on facebook: From the tv studio to the pediatrician with a stop at SF Unified School District, today feels like a ‪#‎workingmomtriathalon‬… lucky I found an old cheese stick on the floor of the car for lunch (I like the cheese stick move)

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Car won’t start

SMS text from my friend Manny: “Walked to the parking lot, unlocked car, got in, wouldn’t turn on, looked around, realized I was in the wrong car.” His wife Diana then suggested he send me that story, as well as the time “he walked into the wrong apartment.”

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