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Right side up

When Allison went to feed the dog, she dropped his food bowl. Unfortunately, it landed right side up, making the picture only moderately interesting, especially since it doesn’t show the chicken broth all over the floor.  

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Natural Tan

We are painting our house. Allison exited the house briefly to put something in her car and, when she returned, the painter had the dog in his arms, and the dog had Sherwin-Williams “Natural Tan” in his paws. Not only did he decide to paint his nails, but he also …

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Taking in my surroundings

We have an inversion table in our guest bedroom where I meditate every morning for 15 minutes, hanging from my ankles upside down.  When I walk into the room to meditate, I usually close the door, but today I decided to leave it open because Rosie was sitting outside the …

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They train us

When we got our dog 5 years ago, she was very well behaved.  Over time she behaves more and more like our prior dog.  I’m starting to think they’re the ones who train us. (I’m also amazed how this one never tips the garbage over. She’s so gentle in her …

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I kid you not

I kid you not.  This all happened today: I came home from a business lunch and the dog was nowhere to be found.  I had left her and Allison both at home and neither was home.  I knew Allison was at work and Rosie was supposed to be home. I …

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