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peace at the nursery

Today Allison invited me to work with her at the Belmont library, which is right next to the nursery where I bought a groupon 11 months ago which expires next month.  So I told her I’d drop her off at the library, go buy a plant, and meet her back at the library.

When I got to the nursery it was very, very peaceful.  I could only hear the sound of the nice stream they have there.  There was not a soul looking at trees.  It was just me and the plants.  I figured people don’t generally shop for plants in the winter.

I walked around for 15 minutes looking at plants and when I narrowed it down to two candidates I decided to go up to the nursery office to ask about the two plants.  That’s when I realized that the nursery was closed.  I had gone in through a side entrance they probably forgot to close.  The main entrance was locked.  No wonder there was not a soul.

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