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Not when there are cars around

We were in Philadelphia at the Enterprise Car Rental picking up a rental car to drive out of town.  The rental car was under Allison’s name because she was originally going to pick up the car on her own, but we were able to go together.  Here’s how the conversation …

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Love for texters

The town of Augsburg, Germany, installed pedestrian traffic lights literally on the sidewalks so that people texting and walking don’t need to look up from their phones to see whether they can cross the street.  They don’t want people to walk into cars and trains like my friend walked into …

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Red Sea

The scene right before the boarding of my flight from Moscow to JFK was Russian style (which is very similar to Venezuelan style, a free-for-all mess.)  Shortly after they called passengers who needed assistance for pre-boarding, a loud noise was heard. It was the sound of crutches crashing down after …

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Back-seat crisis

I usually don’t grab those little candies they have in restaurants as you’re walking out.  But since Allison’s boss’ husband offered me one on our way out from having dinner with them, I said why not, we’re trying new things in Texas, right?  So I put one in my mouth. …

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Forgot the Mother-in-Law

As we were leaving Hobee’s today after brunch, my mother-in-law said “I remember, I better get into this car quickly.”  She was referring to the time we were getting into the car to go somewhere.  I got behind the wheel, put on my seat belt, and started driving.  My mother-in-law, …

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Do we have all hubcaps?

“I need to ship a box. Can we stop by the post office on our way to the soccer game?“, I said.  Allison said yes.  On our way to the post office, as she was turning on to Walnut Street, she heard something behind the car.  She said she may …

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Fit to judge?

Last night I was a judge in the semi-final rounds of the BASES social entrepreneurship competition.  I left chatting with the two other judges.  The three of us were already outside the building, walking toward the parking garage, when I stopped and said: oops… I left my bag in the …

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It’s not just the husband,  It’s the household.  One of Allison’s first grade students looked at her this morning and said “y por qué saliste tan despeinada?”  (translation: “and why did you leave your home this morning so disheveled?”)

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The Keys Dance at the Consulate

Today as we were leaving the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco, where we went to get our visas for the summer, I asked Allison “where are my keys?”.  She smiled, thinking I was kidding.  But I wasn’t. I looked in the bathroom at the consulate, on the seats where we …

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