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Hiking on ice

Today we went for a beautiful hike in Santa Fe. Loved it. But there was snow and ice in places.  In one of those spots, Allison, who was walking ahead of me, warned me that it was slippery and to be careful.  So I attended carefully to the ground, then …

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Red Sea

The scene right before the boarding of my flight from Moscow to JFK was Russian style (which is very similar to Venezuelan style, a free-for-all mess.)  Shortly after they called passengers who needed assistance for pre-boarding, a loud noise was heard. It was the sound of crutches crashing down after …

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Toothpaste in the eye hurts a surprising amount. (note to self: do not press toothpaste dispenser on to the brush as toothpaste may splatter back).

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This is a painful post for me to write… I was moving my keyboard, let it slip from my hand, and it landed on my phone, which is now pitch black.  🙁  I sent it in to Samsung for repair.  If things go well I’ll get my phone back in …

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