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Random abstract

Allison and a colleague were surprised to find out that their research article was published online with the abstract to a different article. Hopefully there’s still time to fix it in the physical journal.

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Keynote under the stars

Last night I woke up at midnight to do a virtual keynote on growth mindset for senior leaders in Europe and Asia, but the power in our house and neighborhood was out, so I had neither internet nor lighting. Nothing is Santa Fe is open 24 hours, so I resorted …

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Renaissance hatch

Today at Renaissance Faire San Jose, we sat down on the grass to eat lunch.  When we finished and stood up we realized that Allison had been sitting on a banana peel.  It didn’t hatch.

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Cathedral souvenir

We left St. Canice’s Cathedral and were a third of a mile into our leisurely walk toward Kilkenny Castle when we stopped to eat and I realized I had walked out of the cathedral with their laminated visitor’s guide… I put on my high gear to walk back to the …

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Goodnight headache

Allison has a headache so she decided to take an Advil. But after she took the pill, she realized it wasn’t an Advil, but an Advil PM.  It’s 5:30pm.  She’ll be going to bed early tonight.

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Christmas lottoparty!

A programming error in a South Carolina’s Christmas Day lottery game generated an overabundance of winning tickets.  $19.6 million worth. A store manager described a frenzy of people rushed in to purchase winning tickets. Photo: Bartosz Senderek

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