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Natural tools

This morning I woke up and went to eat my staple breakfast when I’m traveling (a Chipotle burrito bowl) and I realized I hadn’t brought to my room a napkin or a fork, so I had to eat it with the tools nature gave me.  Two silver linings: (i) I …

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Found the bread

Four days ago, on Saturday, I went grocery shopping.  After I paid, I clearly remember double-checking that I wasn’t leaving any bags full of food around the checkout counter, which I’ve done before.  Despite that, when I unpacked everything at home, I noticed there was no bread,. even though I …

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New York pizza

Ahhhh, finally a genuine New York slice of pizza. After putting red pepper flakes on it, I put some parmesan cheese on it, but a lot more cheese than I expected came out.  That’s when I realized that it was not cheese, but garlic powder. My wife stayed far from …

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The cheese stick move

Post from my friend Denise on facebook: From the tv studio to the pediatrician with a stop at SF Unified School District, today feels like a ‪#‎workingmomtriathalon‬… lucky I found an old cheese stick on the floor of the car for lunch (I like the cheese stick move)

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Queso telita, well done

My father went to the supermarket and bought queso telita, a delicious, white Venezuelan cheese.  But when he got home and was unpacking the car, the cheese was nowhere to be found.  He figured he left it at the supermarket on the parking lot floor. A week or two later, …

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Miracle phone

I just got this email from my dear wife: You need to call me on my work phone because my cell landed in the toilet a few minutes ago. Believe it or not, it seemed to be working when it came out. I took it apart to let it dry …

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