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So fast so slow

In trying to go too fast, I ended up spending time cleaning… (an act I’ve starred in before) Of course, I did this right after the floors had been vacuumed. On the bright side, I had just finished the granola that was inside the glass jar.

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Right side up

When Allison went to feed the dog, she dropped his food bowl. Unfortunately, it landed right side up, making the picture only moderately interesting, especially since it doesn’t show the chicken broth all over the floor.  

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Natural Tan

We are painting our house. Allison exited the house briefly to put something in her car and, when she returned, the painter had the dog in his arms, and the dog had Sherwin-Williams “Natural Tan” in his paws. Not only did he decide to paint his nails, but he also …

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When the perfect meal evaporates

I was so excited for the perfect cachapa.  My mom had cooked it and I had prepared carefully by placing the perfect amount of cheeses on top of it and heated it up in the microwave.  It was going to be delicious. But when I took it out of the …

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They train us

When we got our dog 5 years ago, she was very well behaved.  Over time she behaves more and more like our prior dog.  I’m starting to think they’re the ones who train us. (I’m also amazed how this one never tips the garbage over. She’s so gentle in her …

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