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Underwater hearing

I was at the pool locker room getting ready to go for a swim when an older man came back into the locker room, wet, with his hearing aids in his hands, and told me he mistakenly went in the pool with the hearing aids.  I asked him whether it was ok to get them wet and he said no.  He said they were very sensitive to water, and also expensive.

I felt bad for him.  I told him that I have done many things like that before and he laughed.  I’m glad I could bring a smile to his face.

 UPDATE: a few days later I ran into him in the locker room again.  We chatted.  He first came to Denton after getting married in 1951.  And that day I saw him recently, he put the hearing aids in the dryer and threw out the batteries, and the hearing aids are working fine!  He avoided the $400 cost of replacement.

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