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Queso telita, well done

My father went to the supermarket and bought queso telita, a delicious, white Venezuelan cheese.  But when he got home and was unpacking the car, the cheese was nowhere to be found.  He figured he left it at the supermarket on the parking lot floor.

A week or two later, the car started to smell.  But my dad figured it was because of the rain, as it had been raining a lot recently.  Then the smell went away.

Three months later, he went to service the car.  He removed the spare tire to make sure it had proper air pressure and lo and behold, the queso telita was right there, hiding under the spare tire.  That sneaky, slimy cheese.

p.s. my mother told me that when she takes my dad’s car to the supermarket, she puts the grocery bags on the back seat because the trunk is such a disaster that anything could go missing there.

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