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Redeemed through the storm

After Monday’s miracle keynote debacle, today I redeemed myself

After realizing there would be a snow storm overnight, yesterday I drove to a hotel near the airport so I could take my 8am flight to Miami so that I could deliver on my promise to speak at a conference.  At the hotel, I woke up at 2am inspired to do some writing, and after writing for a bit, I checked my flight status and my flight had been cancelled due to the storm.  But being awake so early in the morning I was able to find the last ticket on a different flight and was able to get out of Dallas.  So Miami here I come.  I should be able to make the right place at the right time this time around.

Not that my performance was flawless.  After booking my new flight, I went on to book my next leg, from Miami to L.A. tomorrow, and I found a ticket and purchased it before realizing that I had booked that leg separately and my prior reservation for MIA-LAX had not been cancelled, so I ended up with two tickets for the exact same flight… 🙂

(for those people who like to ask what happened at the end, I realized my mistake early enough to be able to cancel the duplicate reservation I booked).


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