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High class at fundraiser

Here’s an absent-minded story from a friend: (names have been changed to protect victims)

Billy and I have started supporting an organization called Little Lights and we went to their annual fundraiser banquet a couple weeks ago at a hotel in DC. It was a 3 course dinner with silent auction and performances/testimonies from people involved with the org. Lovely event. The salad comes out and I’m delighted to see it’s got goat cheese. Billy hates goat cheese. I love goat cheese. We both know how each of us feels about goat cheese, so he picked all of his off and piled it up on the side of his plate closest to me. I reach over and start eating his goat cheese piece by piece as we listen to the Little Lights choir (adorable little kids!). I’m watching the choir, eating my salad, his goat cheese. I reach over, stick my fork in one particularly round piece, place in mouth, start to chew. It’s soft but a little chewy… doesn’t break apart and melt in my mouth like a good little piece of goat cheese should. I pause, then bite down again. Same funny texture and I wonder if goat cheese has a rind like brie. Did a piece of rind accidentally get in there? I bite down again and think to myself that it’s too chewy even for rind. There’s also a very faint taste that shouldn’t be there. Is that mint?

I stop chewing.

Why would the rind taste minty?

I look at Billy’s plate. I look at him with a questioning look. Then I realize what is white, chewy and minty.

GUM is white, chewy and minty. My barbarian husband put his chewed up GUM on his PLATE and I proceeded to eat it thinking it was CHEESE.

High class I tell you. We are high class.

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