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Clothesline voodoo

I walked out to our backyard patio today and noticed two odd things:
1) the retractable clothesline was up, but it didn’t have any clothes in it, and
2) there was a weird object hanging from the clothes line.

I thought the weird object must be a leaf, but it didn’t look like a leaf, so I got closer and was pretty surprised… the weird object was poop, clearly from our dog Rosie.  But I was pretty sure that it hadn’t been Rosie who had tied her poop to the clothesline by a hair…

I came to the only logical conclusion: someone was doing voodoo magic on us.

But no, when I told my wife about it, she got a mea culpa look.  She knew exactly why the poop was on the clothesline.  Then she proceeded to explain to me a series of actions that had led to the poop hanging from the clothesline.  It involved having clothes in one hand and clothes pins in the other and trying to unhook the clothes line and… (you get the idea, though it’ll be hard to believe no matter how much she explains).

For the record, I’m not fully discarding the voodoo hypothesis, though my wife is now the prime suspect.

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