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Got chocolate?

Last weekend we made a quick in-and-out trip to California to look for a place to live.  We found a place we like and I decided to do a little due diligence around the neighborhood, since it’s near a train.  I went to a coffee shop and got a hot chocolate to go, but they didn’t have a plastic bag to hold my water bottle and breakfast.  So when walking back, I was juggling the hot chocolate, water bottle and breakfast.  As I was walking, my water bottle starter slipping a little bit.  I awkwardly tried to hold things better and I was struggling with it.  I was aware that an older Japanese lady was walking slowly toward me while I was trying to figure out how to hold things better, and I was wondering how entertaining a show I was providing for this lady as I battled my drinks and food.  Until the big splash came and then I knew I had provided prime entertainment.   Though she didn’t smile.

My reward:

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