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White worms inside

Yesterday, I looked at my torso and saw white worms coming out of my body.  It was really odd and gross. I was struck by how fast they were coming out, and how they were springing away from my skin, my blood splashing with them.

But I wasn’t in pain.

I wondered whether it was a dream.  I approached someone near me and asked whether she saw what I saw.  By that time, no more worms were coming out, but my torso was still bloody and I could see the holes the worms had dug to exit my body.

Luckily she could see none of that.  It was a dream.

Good thing that the characters in my dreams see reality and tell the truth.

Photo credit: Lalošević et al.

(The gross events were courtesy of mildly gory text toward the end of the book I was reading last night, War of the Worlds.)

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