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Unplanned cab ride to the airport

My classmate David left his house yesterday morning to drive to the airport and realized he had no keys to his car, and that he was locked out of his house.  So he decided to take a cab to the airport so he could make his plane to come to our 5-year reunion.  He’s not sure how he’ll get into his house when he gets back home.

Monday morning update from David:

The plan was for me to fly back, get home around midnight yesterday and my housemate would let me in.  But then my flight was delayed until 1:50 am, and so I would have gotten home at 3:30 am, by which time he would have been asleep.  In the end, I spent the night in SF, because it was too late and I thought they might cancel the flight or delay it further. That meant I only got back to the apartment at 9am, by which time my roommate was gone for the day!  For a while I was thinking I was going to have to go to work with no clothes and no car and then take a cab home from there after he was home tonight!  (Fortunately, he left a key under the doormat and was able to buzz me in remotely through his phone, so it all ended up okay and I didn’t have to wake anyone up in the middle of the night.)

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