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the loo

Facebook post from a friend of mine (mother of 3): “My phone is wet: landed in the loo.”
(I had to look up ‘loo’: /lo͞o/ Noun: A toilet.)

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  • Apparently this happens to people pretty frequently. Here are some of the responses to my friend's post:
    * Use a blow dryer on it, Jeffrey's iPad took a bath and it took like six months to have everything work again… Put it in the rice in a zip lock and blow dry it
    * Call Cody….it happens to him all the time. I think he also puts it in rice, in a zip lock and then in the freezer.
    * We had one that also fell in the loo- compliments of Calista. It took a few months (yes, months) in rice, but it came back good as new!

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