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The Airport Dance

As I went through security, my bag got held up with the X-Ray machine security officers. That’s when I realized I hadn’t finished drinking all the water in my water bottle. They had to get someone to come retrieve the bottle from my bag. Then she said:

Agent: is this your water bottle?

Me: yes, sorry.

Agent: would you like to drink the water?

Me: sure, I’d love to drink it.

Agent: sorry, but you’ll need to go back outside security to drink the water.

Me: oh, then no, can you please just dump the water?

Agent: sorry, but you’ll need to go back outside security to dump the water.

Me: would I need to do the security line again?

Agent: yes.

(I let her keep the water bottle)

5 minutes later, when I was in line to get a super awesome breakfast burrito (and a glass of water), I was checking email on my phone when a guy walked up to me from way back in the line and said I had dropped something. I looked down and there was nothing. He said it was my driver’s license, and that it was under my foot, as I was stepping on it.

Yep, my license. There’s no way I would have seen it. I’d have had to extend my stay in L.A. (first time I fully appreciated the idea of a train from LA to SF). Thank you stranger!

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