That's my suitcase! | Eduardo Briceño

That’s my suitcase!

As I walked toward the front of the airplane to deplane, I noticed the flight attendant was standing at the end of the corridor, holding my sports coat.  But she was also oddly looking down toward the woman who was walking up the aisle right in front of me.  I was trying to make eye contact with the flight attendant to let her know that she was holding my sports coat, but she kept looking at the woman in front of me.

As the woman in front of me was walking off the airplane, the flight attendant said “That’s my suitcase!”.  Then the woman looked at the suitcase and was surprised to realize that she had grabbed the wrong suitcase and was walking off the airplane with it!

Who knows where the flight attendant was headed, but it would have been far from her suitcase.

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