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Roller bag disapparate

My habit in airports is that whenever I get up to move from one place to another, I count the things I have with me, to make sure I have everything I’m supposed to have. I’m usually good about it, but today I was not, and all of a sudden I realized I didn’t have my suitcase!  I don’t know why I didn’t count my things. Maybe it has to do with how little I slept last night (3:40).  Or maybe it was because I was thinking of an emotional deeper learning moment I had this afternoon.  Or maybe it was that I saw someone from the conference that I then went to say hi to. But the truth is that when I lined up for my Southwest flight, I realized I didn’t have my suitcase.  I only had my backpack. Then I went on a rapid tour of the bathroom and gates where I had been sitting, but I was unsuccessful.  I had to get in the flight without my luggage. 🙁  I hope it appears.

Part of the reason I needed to get on the flight was that back home I was meeting Lauren’s boyfriend Nick for the first time.  So I made an accurate first impression landing without any luggage.

Lost & Found number I was told to call later.

UPDATE: I called the airport that evening and they didn’t have my suitcase.  I called again the next day and they did have it.  They shipped it to me with an odd, new, well-deserved luggage tag.  🙂

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