One unfolding surprise after the next | Eduardo Briceño

One unfolding surprise after the next

Be whisked away by one unfolding surprise after the next“, read the brochure for the hotel where my hosts lodged me.  And indeed, I was surprised rather frequently during my stay, mostly by the beautiful artwork all over the place, like this wall one saw upon exiting the elevator on my floor:

or the artwork in the lobby:

or the time when I came back to my hotel room to find in it a lit candle.

But my greatest surprise came my second day there, when I exited the elevator on my floor and was taken aback to see that they had switched the artwork in front of the elevators!  It now looked like this:

I walked to my room and saw that the cleaning crew was in it.  When I peaked inside the room, I was even more surprised to see that none of the items in the room looked like mine.

 I was on the wrong floor.

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