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Odd bathroom

I’d have thought it’d be hard to top the Secret Service close-call affair the same day, but I did.

When at Reagan National Airport, about to board my flight back home, I went to the bathroom.

I rushed into the bathroom.  I walked past the stalls looking for the urinals, but then there were more stalls. A lot of them.  Something was wrong.  Where where the urinals?

Then I realized I, a man, had about 6 women around me, staring at me in amazement with wide open eyes.  I realized I was in the women’s bathroom!  I was way into the bathroom, having passed several people I hadn’t paid attention to as I looked for urinals!

Luckily, everybody laughed.   I was so embarrassed, and apologetic as I exited the bathroom… (while more women were walking in…)

Bonus: after I urinated in the men’s bathroom and got back to my gate, I realized I didn’t have my water bottle, so I had to run back to get it.  It was hiding camouflaged.

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