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Not when there are cars around

We were in Philadelphia at the Enterprise Car Rental picking up a rental car to drive out of town.  The rental car was under Allison’s name because she was originally going to pick up the car on her own, but we were able to go together.  Here’s how the conversation went as we stood in front of the Enterprise guy doing the paperwork:

Me: do you want to stop to grab a sandwich before leaving the city?

Wife: in the city?  are you crazy?

Me: why?

Wife: I’m driving in the city the least possible.  I can’t drive when there are other cars around.

(the Enterprise then turned pale and looked at us incredulously… then there was a moment of silence… then his colleague who was doing something behind him started laughing).

Later, when we were exiting, Allison went out and then I told guy #2 not to worry, that we’d take care of the car.  He laughed and said: “don’t let her drive.”

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