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No trails around here

Allison and I are in Bethesda, MD.  I tagged along.  This morning Allison asked in the lobby where we could run to and the lady said there were no beautiful places around here but gave her a map and a street loop to do.  So I followed Allison while focusing on my ChiRunning form and listening to Daniel Kahneman’s Think Fast and Slow.  We were going to run for 3 miles and then do a quick whole body workout before Allison’s 9am meeting.  But after running 3 miles “on the loop”, we looked at our phone and we were 2.6 miles away from the hotel!  A little lost, and now making the 9am meeting would be tight.  So we told the GPS to get us back to the hotel and it took us the whole way through a beautiful biking trail full of trees (which the hotel reception was unaware of).  We were grateful to have found the trail on our first day.  (getting lost has its benefits).

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