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My second COVID vacccine

I drove over 4 hours each way to Amarillo, TX, to get my first COVID vaccine, because NM was taking a long time to open up availability to people my age. I planned to get back to Amarillo for my second shot, but was very glad I was able to schedule to have my second shot near home, but it wasn’t easy to schedule.

I wanted to make sure I made it to my appointment on time, so about an hour before I had to leave, I realized I better take my mask and so I put it around my neck.

The time came and I left driving for the pharmacy. When I was about 5 minutes from the pharmacy, I realized I hadn’t brought my vaccination card with me, which they probably would need. If I turned back I would be late and didn’t know whether they would take me, so I called Allison to see if she could bring me the card. She kindly could, so she got it and left for the pharmacy.

About 3 minutes later, I realized I didn’t have my wallet either, so Allison had to drive back home to get that too…

That was the first and second mistake. The third was from the person who injected me. When he went to put a band-aid on me, he mentioned he couldn’t find the mark of the needle so he’d just put a band-aid on me anywhere near the spot as a sign of courage.

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