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Mother & daughter spice up travel

Yesterday, while passing through security at JFK airport to fly to Denver for Lauren’s bridal shower, Fran realized that her license expires 6/17.  Her flight back is on 6/18.  So she may get stranded in Denver (more time to plan the wedding onsite!)

Here’s the text Allison, her sister, and aunt got (along with Allison’s replies) :

You can almost hear the tone of frustration in Allison’s replies.  I could hear it in stereo.

The next day, Allison left home to fly to Denver.  About 20 minutes later, once she was at the airport, I got the following text (from a good Samaritan, whom Allison asked for help)

Mother and daughter sure know how to make travel more interesting, and they have a peculiar way to engage the rest of us in it.

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