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Look, what a coincidence!

Allison: “let’s go to the second mattress store, check out the mattresses there, and then make a decision on what mattress to buy.”

Me: “ok.”

So we got in the car and Allison set the GPS to the second mattress store she wanted to go to.  When we got there, the GPS made it’s usual announcement:

GPS: “Your destination is on your right.”

Allison: “Oh look, what a coincidence, that’s the movie theater we’re going to tonight.  The mattress store must be behind it.”

But no, the mattress store was not behind it.  Allison had taken us to the movie theater.

The mattress store we were going to was very close to, and on the same street as, the first mattress store we had come from.

(by the way, the movie we saw that evening, The Butler, was good, and the theater fun – they had tables with food and drink as you watched the movie – a modern drive-in – Allison called it a sit-in).

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