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Lamp replacement

Our home came with two new lamps, stored in the laundry room, just like the one that was installed in my office ceiling.

This lamp is not found anywhere else in the house, so I assumed that when the light bulbs go out, one has to replace the whole lamp piece with all three light bulbs in it, and that’s why there are extra lamps stored.

A while back, one of the light bulbs went out, but I ignore it to avoid the trouble of figuring out what to do.

About a month ago another one of the light bulbs went out, and the third one became very, very dim, almost out.

So today I took out one of the boxes to figure out how to replace the whole thing.  It looked complicated.

So I waited for Allison to get home to run my plan by her and for her to know what I was doing in case she had to drive me to the hospital once electrocuted.

She examined the lamp for a while, and then asked: why don’t you just replace the light bulbs?

And indeed, the light bulbs are replaceable.  No need to replace the lamp.

She also realized that the third light bulb is not almost out.  The light switch was dimmed to almost zero.

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