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Just the makeup I needed

Today I made a game-time decision to attend an EdTech meetup at Stanford, despite tons of work at the office. I hadn’t had time to have lunch, so I grabbed three half-melted protein/granola bars and got in the car.

As I put the three bars next to me, one fell on the floor, between the driver seat and the middle of the car. I reached to grab it and couldn’t, until eventually I moved my seat back and was able to retrieve it. Then I took off driving.

Shortly after that, as I was driving, I noticed my hand was dirty, with some dark paste on it. I figured the half-melted bars were dirty and I had gotten chocolate on my hands, but I didn’t have any napkins with me. So I did the next logical thing and licked my hand vigorously to get rid of the chocolate so that I didn’t make a bigger mess in the car and clothes.

That’s when I realized that the dark paste was not chocolate. It was grease, from the car seat. I had been licking it off my hand, probably getting it all over my face and injecting some not very nutritious chemicals into my stomach, if they even got there.

At least I made it to the meeting on time.  My insides were well lubricated.

p.s. later, back home, with more time, I checked my stash of bars and I had only one left, with an expiration date that read ’09SEP08′ – so it either expired 3 or 4 years ago…

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