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going in circles at the Baylands

Yesterday afternoon I went to meet my friend Brynn at the Baylands, a local park, to go for a walk, catch up, and chat about topics we’re both passionate about, like wellbeing and living life on purpose.  I really enjoy reading her awesome blog, Wellfesto.  I brought Rosie, who was very excited to go for a hike.

Brynn and I both got to the park and texted each other that we were there.  She said she was by the bathrooms, so I asked around to learn where the bathrooms were and there were a couple of possibilities, so I drove around but didn’t find her.  We texted each other again, and then called and spoke with each other, and again texted, a couple times.  We walked and drove from place to place looking for each other.  It was odd, because the road was short and simple – not a place where it’s hard to miss someone.  After 25 minutes of this dance, we realized we were in different parks, one in Palo Alto and one in Menlo Park.

We then decided to reschedule for another day.  Bummed!  I was looking forward to the hike.  I’m looking forward to it, again!  🙂

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