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Found the bread

Four days ago, on Saturday, I went grocery shopping.  After I paid, I clearly remember double-checking that I wasn’t leaving any bags full of food around the checkout counter, which I’ve done before.  Despite that, when I unpacked everything at home, I noticed there was no bread,. even though I remember grabbing it, and it was listed in the receipt.  I checked the car again but there was no other bag with food in it.  The bread had disappeared.

Two days later, on Monday evening, when I made smoothies for the week, I realized there were 3 power greens bags instead of 5.  I considered going back to TJs to buy the other 2 bags and the bread, but instead I decided to make two of the smoothie batches without power greens.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, I had to drive again to run some errands and my car smelled a little weird.  I opened the windows to air it out.

When I woke up this morning I had an aha moment: the bread might still be in the car.  I did a more thorough search and yes, lo and behold there was one more bag of food in the car.

The bread looked so good that I had a slice, but it was before I meditated, which I usually do upside down on an inversion table, which I don’t like to do after I’ve eaten anything, so instead I meditated sitting down.  A visitor joined me for it.

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