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Football slickness

My high school is having a reunion for alumni who played in the football team.  I can’t make it, but they asked for humorous stories so I contributed this one:

One season I decided to join the football team to see what that was like, even though I knew nothing about football rules or how it was played, having grown up in Venezuela.  Of course I was always on the bench, but one evening, Coach Brown decided to put me in for a play.  I have no idea what position I was playing, or even whether it was an offensive or defensive play, but all I remember is that the play started and everyone started moving, and I had no idea what to do.  I just stood there, looking around to get a hint of what to do.  But it was hard to see with that helmet on!  I certainly didn’t see what felt like a train tackling me from the side.

Later, people told me that upon that tackle there was a big gasp from all the moms on the stands.

Needless to say, Coach Brown kept me on the bench the rest of the season.  But I appreciated the opportunity to have played in a football game!  🙂

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