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Fatherly errands

Today my father left my home with my car to take my mom and sister to the mall and do some errands.  He called me later saying he noticed I had some shirts for dry cleaning in the car, and asked whether I’d like for him to drop off the shirts at a dry cleaners he was next to.  I was very glad, and said yes.  So he dropped off the shirts and then went to pick up my mom and sister back at the mall.  He told them proudly that he thought about doing me the favor at the dry cleaners.  They asked him which dry cleaners he went to and that’s where the trouble emerged.  He didn’t know

They drove around looking for the dry cleaners and they did find it at the end.

He also told us of his idea to fill up the tank of gas at the gas station.  He was battling with the gas hose handle, unable to get it to work.  Nothing would come out.  He pushed all kinds of buttons, took it out and back in, etc, until eventually he realized he was holding the diesel hose rather than the gasoline hose.  He was very glad he didn’t ruin my engine.

I’m very grateful for all the errands, and the entertainment.

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