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Elusive little flash

Wife: I lost my flash drive.

Me: Sorry to hear that.

Wife: Can I borrow your flash drive?

Me: Sure.

Wife: I promise I’ll give it back to you before we leave for Seattle (where we were going to facilitate a workshop).

Me: Ok, no problem, here it is.

Wife: I’ll hang it around my neck so I don’t forget to give it back to you.

Me: Great, thanks.

…Two weeks later, in Seattle, when I had to print some materials for the workshop the following day…

Me: I can’t find my flash drive.

Wife: I gave it back to you.  I’m sure I gave it back to you.  Use dropbox.

Me: Ok, I’ll use dropbox.

…Six days later, back home…

Wife (from another room):  Oh oh…

Me: What happened?

Wife: Promise you won’t get mad at me.

Me: Ok.

Wife: Say you promise.

Me: Ok, I promise I won’t get mad at you.

…You know how the story ends…

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