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Dryer adventures

You may have had to be there, but we laughed a lot with this:

We bought a used dryer, and then realized that we needed an adapter to plug the 3-prong electric cable to the 4-prong wall outlet.  So we went to home depot and asked for an adapter.  The guy said an adapter like that didn’t exist, and that instead we needed to change the electric cable in the dryer.  He looked at us skeptically and asked if we were the ones that were going to change the cable, and we said yes, so he pointed us to the right cable and drew out what we needed to do.  Fast-forward several obstacles caused by not having the right tools (as most of our stuff is still in boxes) and being both of us clueless, while we were trying to unscrew things and figure things out I asked Allison to google where the different connectors go.  She thought that it was a good idea to do some online research, and then, staring blankly wondering what she should search for, in all seriousness, she asked: “what do you think it is we’re doing?”

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