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Cherries all around

Today I went to visit a school in El Cerrito, north of Berkeley.  Rather than sit two hours in traffic, I decided to take the train, BART.  The only problem was that there was no parking near the train station, and I was going to be late, so I had to take my chances and I left my car in a private office parking lot with big ‘YOU’LL BE TOWED’ signs.

Once the school visit was over, I took the train back.  After 2-3 stops, I kind of started understanding what the train conductor was announcing at each station, and it did not seem to be the line I thought I was in, ‘Fremont’.  I got in the wrong train.  The train I was in was going to San Francisco.

Luckily, I was still in time to exit the train and take the right one, and I again got a seat.  Score.  BART rocks!

When I got back to Fremont, my car was safe and sound.  Cherries all around!

Of course, I got a carnitas burrito to celebrate on the drive back from the train station. (We do all know how this story ends).

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