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Random abstract

Allison and a colleague were surprised to find out that their research article was published online with the abstract to a different article. Hopefully there’s still time to fix it in the physical journal.

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Natural Tan

We are painting our house. Allison exited the house briefly to put something in her car and, when she returned, the painter had the dog in his arms, and the dog had Sherwin-Williams “Natural Tan” in his paws. Not only did he decide to paint his nails, but he also …

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Keynote under the stars

Last night I woke up at midnight to do a virtual keynote on growth mindset for senior leaders in Europe and Asia, but the power in our house and neighborhood was out, so I had neither internet nor lighting. Nothing is Santa Fe is open 24 hours, so I resorted …

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Suspicious hacker

I got an email notifying me that a suspicious person tried unsuccessfully, three times, to unlock my phone:   There was 3 attempts to unlock the screen lock on this device. Device Model: Samsung SM-G960U1 Picture taken and uploaded:   cam.wheresmydroid.com/

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My second COVID vacccine

I drove over 4 hours each way to Amarillo, TX, to get my first COVID vaccine, because NM was taking a long time to open up availability to people my age. I planned to get back to Amarillo for my second shot, but was very glad I was able to …

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When I lost my wife’s key

 My wife’s key to my car was broken, so I took the initiative to have a new one made, along with a clicker for my car which she has never had. I went to pick them up, came back, and had everything except my wife’s original key, so I was …

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Navigate to dinner

We traveled to Amarillo, Texas, for me to get my COVID-19 vaccine. We arrived before dinner and we were hungry, so my wife found a place with outdoor sitting that looked good and asked me to navigate us there. The restaurant was in Falls Church, Virginia, a 23-hour drive away.

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Sedona style

We’re spending a few days in Sedona and we’re enjoying the natural beauty. We’ve hiked so much. We didn’t expect it to also be such a fancy, fashionable place, but it is, and my wife fits right in. Today, after she went for a 7-mile hike with me, and then …

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Mailbox treasure

Allison walked to our mailbox today, which is about a quarter mile away, and found a treasure: my bluetooth headset, which was on the floor and she recognized. Glad she’s a #TreasureFinder. I’d checked the mail a couple of hours prior and hadn’t yet started looking for my missing headset …

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